Samsung to begin production of 7nm chips for Galaxy Note 10

Samsung to begin production of 7nm chips for Galaxy Note 10

Samsung produced Exynos 9820 with 8 nanometers (nm) LPP FineFET technology and featured it inside the Galaxy S10 phones but it seems like the company will soon begin the manufacturing process of 7nm chips for its August scheduled flagship.

According to BusinessKorea, Samsung is planning to ship its next application processor - Exynos 9825 with a 7nm EUV process in June. Which is expected to be featured inside the Galaxy Note 10 flagship that will reportedly be released in the second half of this year.

Samsung will manufacture 7nm EUV microprocessors for IBM

Back in October, Samsung announced it has completed all process technology development and has started the production of its 7nm LPP chips for its consumers, the 7-nanometer (nm) LPP (Low Power Plus) utilizing the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology, that will lead a new path to 3nm tech.

Compared to its 10nm FinFET predecessors, Samsung’s 7nm LPP technology reduces the process complexity with fewer layers and better yields and delivers up to a 40% increase in area efficiency with 20% higher performance or up to 50% lower power consumption.

If this production happens, it would be an unusual scenario because so far the Galaxy Note series flagships come with the same System on Chip (SoC) as the Galaxy S phones launched ahead of it in the same year.

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