Galaxy S10 5G users facing dual network and coverage problems

Galaxy S10 5G users facing dual network and coverage problems

The Galaxy S10 5G has already reached to hands of South Korean consumers and just like any other new technology there are some bugs appears after the release. As recently some of S10 5G's users in the country having problems such as limited 5G network coverage and slow internet speed.

According to BusinessKorea, users have complained that when the Galaxy S10 5G switched from 5G to LTE network, its data services are beginning to disconnect. This problem is occurring on all of the three mobile carriers in South Korea from April 5 to 8.

The Galaxy S10 5G comes with many advanced features and one of them is its dual network support for both 4G LTE and 5G network bands. Which allows users to switch between 4G and 5G network anytime.

Therefore, in areas where 5G singals are not available, the phone is expected to automatically switch to LTE network but it didn't happen, the users reported. They also reported that they have to reboot the device several times to connect to the network again.

All three mobile carrier hasn't taken any action on this issue and said they've never heard of such problem but Samsung has already sent two new software updates related to device stability network improvements after its launch on April 5. 

Some of the users still said that the LTE internet connection was still not quite smooth on updated devices. Meanwhile, Samsung said it has already provided all of the required software updates that it could possibly do.

It can be said that 5G network deployment is still in its early phases and there may be bugs related to network equipment, which will be solved as soon as possible.

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