What's new In Galaxy A80: New Infinity Display, Pop-up Rotating Camera, Sound on Display and more

What's new In Galaxy A80: New Infinity Display, Pop-up Rotating Camera, Sound on Display and more

Since the beginning of this year Samsung has unveiled new displays and camera technologies, whether we talk about the Galaxy S10 flagship, Galaxy M or other A series phones but with Galaxy A80, Samsung has unveiled its first time ever and the latest innovations that its consumers have never seen before. So, let's explore this device in details, to know more about what's new in the brand new Galaxy A80. 

What's not In Galaxy A80: Headphone Jack, memory expansion, UHD selfies

New Infinity Display: The Galaxy A80 is Samsung's third largest screen size device that features Samsung's first 'New Infinity Display' with a full-screen view without even tagging an Infinity-U, V or O type notch. This display was hinted on the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 but haven't given any specific information at that time but it seems like the company already had some plans, And now revealed with Galaxy A80's unveiling.

Pop-up Rotating Camera:  A smartphone cannot achieve full view display without removing the camera from the front side of the display and to that Galaxy A80 features Samsung's first pop-up rotating camera. And when users select the selfie mode in the camera app, the triple cameras automatically pop-up from the top back of the phone. This type of camera technology do looks cool by the way but we've to see how the camera's movable hardware will work after a continues daily use.

ToF sensor: Galaxy A80 is the second Samsung smartphone to feature Time of Flight (ToF) depth camera that allows users to use Live Focus videos by scanning objects for measurement and depth. The camera creates the best experience for bokeh effect in still images, AR contents as well as measurement apps. Other than its

Sound on Display:

How it works: In Sound on Display technology a sound device is used underneath the display that converts electronics waves to sound waves and spreads audio on the entire panel through vibration and conduction on the surface. When a user place's this phone on their ear, it works like a regular earphone.

For music and loudspeaker, the phone has a speaker on the bottom of the side of the device.


AI Optimization: Bixby Routines, Bixby home, and Bixby Vision are coming pre-installed on this phone. And there's also Intelligent Performance Enhancer for automatic CPU and GPU performance adjustment, as well as Intelligent battery and Adaptive Power Saving Mode.

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