Samsung is sending special thanks and feedback email to Galaxy S10 owners

Samsung is sending special thanks and feedback email to Galaxy S10 owners

In 2019, Samsung has celebrated its 10th-anniversary flagship launch with Galaxy S10 series, which comes with many new features and hardware specs and making good impressions between consumers. And to extend this impression, the company is now greeting its consumers who bought the S10 phones with a special email.

Recently, The Galaxy S10 Owners has received an email (below) with greetings from DJ Koh, President, and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications at Samsung, with warm thanks to consumers for choosing Samsung.

DJ Koh through email mentioned the past 10 years of journey of Samsung's smartphone innovations including Super AMOLED Display, Edge screen (Curve edges) and Infinity display. As well as water resistant tech, big screen Note series, and the almighty S Pen.

Koh also said the company's vision for the next 10 years is to be the "Innovator of new mobile experience" by harnessing the power of 5G and AI. Samsung is working on both of these fields and growing its investment into these sectors to strengthen them as the company's future growth engines.

Samsung said it will remain a leader in smartphone market for the next 10 years

At the last part, the email asked for user's feedback and experience on using the Galaxy S10, which can be replied by the user.

Although, the main point about this email is, that not every Galaxy S10 owner is receiving it around the world and it's possible that all them receive it in a timeframe. Apart from that, this kind of actions are important and reflects Samsung's position as a global leader in the smartphone industry.