Samsung's 2019 Odyssey gaming notebook is now on sale in South Korea

Samsung's 2019 Odyssey gaming notebook is now on sale in South Korea

Samsung has launched its 2019 version of gaming laptop series 'Odyssey' in South Korea, that offers that latest gaming performance and new heat control system.

Samsung unveiled new Odyssey gaming laptop with upgraded specs and features

Samsung said its new notebook features a 'Jet Blade Cooling System' that improves heat control performnace in metal design, enabling high-end games to be enjoyed for a long time with optimum performance

"The jed blade cooling system includes a heat pipe that transfers the heat generate by the CPU and GPU to teh cooling fan, which maximizes the cooling effect by increasing the heat dissipation area by about 40%. While its two jet Blade Blowers delivers about 15% more air than before" explained Samsung.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey comes with 15.6-inch full HD (144Hz) display with reduced bezels and supported by NVIDIA G-SYNC for better image quality and refresh rates. The Notebook Odyssey is powered by Intel's 8th generation hexa-core i7 processor and a high-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, boosted by the new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture and the RTX platform.

For features, this new gaming laptop offers a new set of settings and functions including the 'Odyssey Mode' allows users to save settings presets under different profiles for various types of games.

'Beast Mode' lets users modulate the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s performance depending on the software it is running.

The current price of this gaming notebook is priced between 2.48 million KRW ($2169) and 2.98 million KRW ($2606) depending on the memory, OS adn SSD specifications.