Samsung is reportedly working on four variants of Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is reportedly working on four variants of Galaxy Note 10

At unpacked, Samsung unveiled its four new devices of Galaxy S10 series, packed with different specs including LTE and 5G variants. As recently we heard that the company is planning to do the same with its August scheduled Galaxy Note 10 device.

According to ETNews, Samsung is reportedly developing four version of Galaxy Note 10. Two of them are on LTE network featuring 6.28 and 6.75-inch display sizes along with Triple and Quad rear camera setup respectively. Also, the specifications for display and camera are expected to be almost the same in the 5G models.

The source also said that Samsung is intended to increase its sales volume by diversifying its flagship product into a different model and in different specs to attract more and more consumers for higher purchases similar to S10 series, which has been proved to be successful between consumers.

So now, if we put this in simple words, there are two LTE models and two 5G models in the making. A previous report suggests that the smaller version of this phone is expected to be exclusive for the European countries but it's expected that it'll also expand in other regions as well.

Concept for Galaxy Note 10 imagines Quad Camera, Full View Display and S-Pen with built-in dual cam