Galaxy S10 5G doesn't have a heart rate sensor

Galaxy S10 5G doesn't have a heart rate sensor

Samsung's flagship Galaxy devices including S and Note series comes with a heart rate sensor but the Galaxy S10e doesn't have a heart rate sensor, similarly the world's first 5G phone 'Galaxy S10 5G' doesn't have this sensor as well.

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The Galaxy S10 5F features Quad camera setup that's aligned horizontally on the back of the device, but more importantly, there's no clue of its heart rate sensor. Instead, the sensor's place has been taken by an LED flash, which on the S10 and S10+ has been positioned on the left side of the heart rate sensor. 

This all brought us to the possibility, that it may happen because the phone doesn't have the room for a sensor due to the presence of Quad lenses and a LED flash, which has already taken a large width on the back of the phone.

Also, there may be a technical issue or something like that but currently there's no word from the company about this removal in this big flagship. Meanwhile for S10e, the company potentially removed this due the lack in price of this particular phone and to remove the extra cost of this sensor.

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The Galaxy S10 5G is currently on Sale in South Korea, and expected enter in the US on Verizon mobile network with pre-registration by April 18, while the shipping reportedly scheduled for May 16.

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