Galaxy S10's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner tricked by 3D printing

Galaxy S10's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner tricked by 3D printing

With the launch of Galaxy S10 and S10+, Samsung introduced its set of new technologies including the new Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor built right into the display with the next-gen security level. But recently a guy with some tricks has been able to unlock the Galaxy S10 device with a 3D printed fingerprint.

How to setup and use Ultrasonic Fingerprint on Galaxy S10 and S10+

A user named darkshark on Imgur, an online image sharing community, posted a descriptive post and a video demo about how he has unlocked the Galaxy S10+ with a 3D printed fingerprint made by himself.

The guy also showed a series of images of how he created this 3D fingerprint with the following below.

1. Starting with picking a user's fingerprint from glass and captured it through a DSLR to clearly get the lines, shapes and the gap between fingerprint lines.

2. Then he made some changes in the image's contrast and created an alpha mask, all through Photoshop.

3. He used 3DSMax to export and a Photon LCD resin printer to created 3d model of every details availble about the fingerprint.

The person who created this 3D print said it took 3 reprints to get the job done correctly and can be improved to work more accurately but overall it does raise some question to the company and this next level of fingerprint security solution provided by Qualcomm.

Although, compared to optical fingerprint scanner the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner cannot be tricked with a 2d image and creating a 3d print out of the fingerprint will take a mature hands and time in that particular field and cannot be done by a regular person or until someone who's spying on you and want to get some data out of your phone.

Meanwhile, there's nothing to confirm from Samsung or Qualcomm the company behind this fingerprint sensor module.

You can review currently registered fingerprints by going into Settings >  Biometrics and security > tap Fingerprints > enter your security PIN, pattern or password or set one if needed, from here you can select to add a new fingerprint or review an older one.