Galaxy Note 10 to replace all physical buttons with new technology, as its launch may happen in August

Galaxy Note 10 to replace all physical buttons with new technology, as its launch may happen in August

Now when the Galaxy S10 series has reached to its consumers, time to shift our focus on the Galaxy Note 10. And there's some fresh information that may get you hyped about this flagship phone.

First news coming from the Korean media TheInvestor that says Samsung again has chosen to launch its next Galaxy Note phone in August and will go on sale in September.

“The mass production of the Note 10 is scheduled to start in earnest in early August, and the smartphone will hit the shelves late August or early September, depending on the region,” an industry source close to the matter told The Investor.

The source also told that the phone may feature the same punch hole display and in addition to triple camera setup upcoming note device could come with with a ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor similar to what we've seen in Galaxy S10 5G.

Apart from this report, ETNews reported that the Note 10 will come with a keyless or so-called buttonless design and will not feature any physical buttons on the front or sides of the device.

According to the source, the company can apply this design to create a seamless interactivity with phone. And instead of physical keys "the company has reportedly developed a technology that can turn on and off the power and increase or decrease the volume without touching the button, all directed by the display or its sensors".

Between all of this, Samsung is considering whether to deploy a force-touch solution developed by Chinese firm New Degree Technology. And industry source told "The only issue in adopting the force touch solution is its expensive price".

This is not it, because Samsung is also planning to introduce this button-less design in mid-range smartphone including the Galaxy A lineup.

Currently, there's no official confirmation on this matter but It's Samsung that we're talking about and Galaxy Note series is always about the innovation, who know what the South Korean tech giant is planning to pull next from its Gadget bag.