How to hide the front camera cutout on Galaxy S10

How to hide the front camera cutout on Galaxy S10

The infinity-O display is a successful bet for Samsung as the company has put a hole inside its AMOLED display to house selfie cameras and featured it in the latest Galaxy S10 series. Although, this new display lineup is a step forward to achieve the full-screen ratio.

Now, when it's there, some of the users may feel awkward since one or two eyes will block that specific area view while watching videos or playing full-screen games.

So, Samsung has two solutions for this problem, the first one allows users to push the screen beneath camera cutouts and makes a bezel on the top including the camera cutout, similar to an Infinity display. The second solution makes users embrace the cutout by their special wallpapers.

1. Hide the camera cutout via Settings:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Display.
  3. Tap Full screen Apps.
  4. Toggle 'Hide front camera' to enable the top bezel and will hide the cutout in it.

2. Apply camera cutout wallpapers:

If you are annoyed with that camera section and still want to use that part of the screen, you can use the new cutout wallpapers that includes something new for that specific area of cutout and now officially availble in a veriety on the theme store. Check some of the of samples below.