How to activate HDR10+ video recording on Galaxy S10

How to activate HDR10+ video recording on Galaxy S10

HDR10+ is a picture processing standard developed by Samsung and with the launch of Galaxy S10 series this technology officially entered in Samsung's smartphone ecosystem, which allows users to create and play HDR10+ content right into the S10 devices.

According to Samsung, HDR10+ is a next-generation open standard for high dynamic range (HDR) video. HDR10+ support effectively delivers cinema-quality visuals to users’ pockets by enabling compatible content to be depicted precisely as the creators intended. This means that when streaming a favorite film, for instance, colors are more accurate, and the viewing experience is more immersive.

Note: HDR10+ content can only be played in the support devices and not on regular ones.

To start recording in this format, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Camera App and click on 'Settings'
  2. Tap Advanced recording options
  3. Toggle to enable HDR10+ video recording, Now you can record HDR10+ ready videos


HDR10+ options is not accessable?

In case the HDR10+ video option may not be accessable and the main reason behind this, that doesn't support 60FPS recording at the moment. So the rear video resolution must be selected at 30FPS and not 60FPS on either UHD, FHD or HD.

  1. Open camera Settings and Tap 'Rear Video size' to select a resolution
  2. Select a resolution without 60FPS