Good Lock for Android Pie is now available to download, improvements are worth trying

Good Lock for Android Pie is now available to download, improvements are worth trying

Samsung has released a new version of Good Lock personalization app that now supports Android 9.0 Pie and can tweak Samsung's One UI interface.

This update not only brings improvements to the existing add-ons but will also bring new plugins with new features. To be noted that the task changer now has new styles that currently most of the users are adoring very much.

Although, the S10 series comes pre-installed with new OS but Samsung is still on its way to complete the Android Pie schedule for the devices and reached only to its flagship phones including S8, S9, Note8 and Note9. So, there will be limited users on this platform at the moment.

The newly designed A-series phones will also be able to download this app

To download this App/Update, go to Galaxy Apps store > Enter "Good Lock" in the search bar > Click on the app by 'Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. > Click install.

After opening the app you'll see a bunch of plugins including LockStar, QuickStar, Task Changer, Routines, ClockFace, MultiStar, NavStar. Other plugins are placed inside the family tab at the bottom of the app including Nice Catch, OneHand Operation+, EdgeLighting+, EdgeTouch and SoundAssitant.

Each of them needs to be installed separately but the process is pretty easy and needs only just one click on the add-on you wish to install and it'll lead you to Galaxy Apps.


This is the update for a renewal of good lock what supports the pie OS officially.

- New function to customize clock location

[Task Changer]
- Diversified styles of the task changer: Enjoy new styles

[One Hand Operation +]
- New function to switch apps with gesture. ( Task swicher )
- New function to set exceptional apps from gesture event.

- New function to connect media key from audio devices any apps which set as default. : You could feel free to enjoy sound.

[Nice Catch]
- New application to catch principal events on device : You could know everything what happens on your device.


Also, there are two new plugin - NotiStar and NiceShot that will be available by later in this month.

Have you tried the new Good Lock app on your Galaxy device and what do you think about it? Let us know your thought in the comment below.