Samsung executive says infold is better than the outfold

Samsung executive says infold is better than the outfold

Samsung is the first company that introduced a working Foldable phone as Galaxy Fold and later on many other mobile manufacturers has also announced the launch of their version on this concept but according to a new report, Samsung claimed that their design is superior of them all.

In an interview with AFR, Eui-Suk Chung, Executive Vice President and Head of Software and Artificial Intelligence at Samsun, talked about the Galaxy Fold design and its future in the market.

"If you go with an outfold, you can close the device fully, but then the display is on the outside, which means it’s susceptible to all kinds of user errors. You might touch it by mistake or call someone by mistake. And if you drop it, the display is more susceptible to damage." said the official.

Chung also said that the company is also working on further improvement and obstacles like achieving a complete Fold and reveals that the aims are to fold the display like a paper, which it currently lacks.

While talking about the folding structure of Galaxy Fold, he revealed that users don't like the outwards folding and keeping that in mind the company has performed a research involving lots of subjects related to this matter and come up with a combination of bigger screen and longer battery life.

The official also noted that the consumers of Galaxy Fold will really be impressed with its functionality and design but the company is will work to make further improvements.

Although, even after the official told that outfold design won't work for its consumers, a report reveals that the company is silently working on two new design and one of them includes outfold design just like its rival companies but none of it is officially confirmed.

The Galaxy Fold features the world’s first 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display that folds inwards and there's a 4.6-inch screen on the rear side of this phone that works when the phone is in folded.