Samsung Good Lock 2019 is underway, possible launch on March 8 [Changelog and improvements]

Samsung Good Lock 2019 is underway, possible launch on March 8 [Changelog and improvements]

Samsung's UI customization app 'Good Lock' made a comeback in 2018 and successfully impressed its users. As we entered in 2019, this app is not in action since the rollout of Android Pie. But now there's some official information that hinted a new version of Good Lock is underway and will be released very soon.

A new notice has recently been posted on South Korean Samsung community, As it says that the new version of Good Lock app is currently under verification and stabilization process and if all went well the stable version will be launched on March 8, 2019. As the new version will work on top Android 9.0 Pie and side by side with Samsung's One UI.

This is not it, the announcement also includes new plugins and upgrades for the previous add-ons, also some will be removed that was introduced in Oreo version.




  1. LockStar: New wallpapers, more effects, and removal of some Oreo features.

  2. QuickStar: Now supports Clock position adjustment, Automatic color extraction introduced to set Theme color.
  3. Task Changer: New Styles, new multi-window improvements.
  4. Routines will also have new changes.
  5. One Hand Operation: Task Switching - ability to turn off gestures for specific apps.
  6. Nice Catch: Will be continued in this version.
  7. MultiStar will also receive new changes.
  8. NavStar, Edge Lighting+, Edge Touch will work same as before.

New Plugins:

  1. NotiStar: It is a notification card management plugin function for users who prefer the notification method on the iPhone.
  2. NiceShot: Provides useful options for shot capturing in camera based on the various suggestion (Sound like improved Scene Optimizer) and also provides storage tagging when captured (storage selection).

The notice says the new plugins are under development and can be added at end of March.

Although, we cannot confirm any other changes on this update but it'll be interesting to see what kind of changes Samsung will bring this time in Good Lock 2019. Also, it's possible that the initial version of this app may only be launched in South Korea and will later expand to other countries.