Samsung sends Infinity Flex display samples to Apple and Google

Samsung sends Infinity Flex display samples to Apple and Google

On February 20, Samsunag unveiled its first ever Foldable phone the 'Galaxy Fold' in public and before the first sale of this phone begins, Samsung has reportedly come to its business point of view and starting sending samples of the foldable display to its buyers in the US.

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According to a report from ETNew, Samsung Display, the display making division of Samsung, has recently sent Infinity-Flex display samples to Apple, which is likely to power a new smartphone and the panel size is decided to be 7.2-inch, which is 0.1 inch smaller than the the Galaxy Fold's display. Samsung is also in touch with Google for the foldable display as the company is also planning to introduce a foldbale device in upcoming time.



An industry official related to this subject told that it will be a major turn for Samsung's display business if the company able to grab the contract from both firms. As the company has also sent samples to chinese mobile manufaturer but the South Korean tech giant said Apple and Google have different consumer markets and can cover them with this new technology.

Both Apple and Google in business with Samsung and already have used Samsung's display. Although, it's currently unclear that both companies will fix the deal but the odds are completely in Samsung's corner.

Another perspective of this business is Apple's iPhone is facing declines and Google cannot do anything special on its devices, so a new breakthrough is required for both brands. According to the industry sources, Samsung Display's current prodctuion capcity is 200,000 units per month and 2.4 million per year. Moreover the company is planning to expand its production line in South Korea to produce 10 million units depending on future demand expansion.