How to redeem iKONIK skin on Galaxy S10 devices

How to redeem iKONIK skin on Galaxy S10 devices

Similar to the exclusive Galaxy Skin, Samsung has already announced a new exclusive skin for the Galaxy S10 series phones. If you own one of S10 device, here's the way to redeem this new outfit for your Fortnite journey.

iKONiK outfit will be available on Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ starting from March 8

Note: In order to redeem the 'IKONIK Skin', you first need to create an Epic Games account and if you already have one, you'll need to install and play Fortnite using the instructions below (do not install from the Google Play store) on your S10e, S10 or S10+. Only one iKONiK Skin is granted per device.

How to redeem the exclusive Fortnite iKONIK outfit:

  1. Download Fortnite on your device from the Samsung folder > Galaxy Apps and tap on the Fortnite Banner.
  2. Tap INSTALL AND OPEN in the Quick Installation Pop-up, then read through and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Sign in to your Epic Games account or sign up for a new Epic Games account.
  4. Go to the Store/Item shop and tap on the iKONIK outfit.
  5. A notice will pop up asking you to register a credit card, if you have not done so already. Click Next on the pop-up and register a credit card (your card will not be charged).
  6. Tap the iKONIK outfit again to complete the redemption by 12/31/19.
  7. Your iKONIK outfit will be available in your LOCKER within your ACCOUNT AND EQUIPMENT.

Note: If the skin doesn't appear, reinstall the game from Galaxy Store.