Top covers and cases for Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+

Top covers and cases for Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10 series is surely brought lots of things in their feature bucket and apart from its hefty amount of price, its premium design is also another aspect that needs to take care of, which leads us to cover and cases solution. Although we've already listed Samsung's official covers and cases for all three S10 phones, it's time to explore some best third party protections for the S10 smartphones.

Official Covers and Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10


Olixar is one of the most diverse and easy to find case solution, and the brand has also included the S10 series in its collection which is as below.

Carbon Fibre:

This case is a perfect choice for those who want a good look with protection, made of flexible TPU material and comes with an eye-catching carbon print to make sure your Galaxy S10 device is well-protected and looks good.

Leather Style:

A premium cover for a premium phone with a minimalist class that comes with a smooth, textured leather style finish. This case from Olixar not only provides a good design but also flexibility, durability, and protection.


This case is a lightweight and slimmer case that wields mesh pattern with great looks and adds grip and better for heat dissipation for the S10e device and improves the beauty of the device. Although, as a mesh texture cover it may gather some dust on the back side. 

Check out these and other Olixar cases on the official website.


Spigen Silicon Fit:

As its name reflects, this cover is made of silicon layers, providing protection from daily scratch from inside out as well as allowing users a sturdy grip on the phone while protecting the glass back of these phone with the soft lining on the inside.

Check it on Official Website, Amazon - S10e, S10, S10+


Nilkin Frosted Shield Matte cover:

Nilkin is one of the top brand known for its covers and its designs, the Super Frosted Matter cover, are formed by the highly molding machine with high temperature. As both sides of the cover use the latest dustless matte UV painting technology, with easy touch and style on top.

The company made it for high durability and the surface uses salient point design that is wear resistant, anti-skidding, dust-resistant, anti-fingerprint and easy to install. Also, this cover comes in multiple colors, that's a good thing.

Check it on Official Website, Amazon - S10e, S10, S10+



Caseology Parallax:

This is a perfect combination of beauty and protection, designed with a shock absorbing pattern both bounded with military grade protection. Also, the dual-layer case is made with TPU and PC material for shock protection and handy grip.


Do check the covers collection from Caseology from Official website. Amazon - S10e, S10, S10+



We're introducing two of the best covers for the S10 series from OtterBox, both of them are from its unique symmetry series.

Symmetry Series Colored:

This cover is made of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate, making it flexible and durable from all side fo the device, also its screen bumper from the front of the device helps to protect the display.

The design of this cover is simple but elegant and comes in multiple color choices.

Symmetry Series Clear:

This clear case from otterbox protects your S10 series phone without compromising with the design. Made of the same material as color covers these covers are also available in texture finishing with stardust effect.

Check these and other cases from OtterBox website. Amazon.



Tech21 Evo Check:

Next comes the Evo Check series, which offers a drop level protection in a slim design that comes in multiple color choice along with an elegant look.

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We cannot complete this list without mentioning ESR, it Metal Kickstand Case is surely something new for those who seek a mixture of design and protection. Like this case, is made of soft TPU for longer durability plus flexibility. Also to offer more function it has two-way stand support for both vertical and horizontal modes.

This is available in both clear view and colored versions.

It's available on the official website and on Amazon - S10e, S10, S10+


Rearth Ringke Fusion:

Last but not least, making its way in our list is a bumper case that designed with transparency and clarity with a promise to protect your S10 device from bumps and scratches all the time.


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