Samsung playing Unpacked event teaser on Billboards all around the world

The big chain of leaks has already revealed almost everything about the Galaxy S10 flagship but there’s still some mystery devices left untouched by these leaks that Samsung is promoting as ‘Future of Smartphone’, that directly leads us to the Foldable phone and 5G stuff.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Everything you need to know

The company has now gone full throttle and rolling the teaser of this upcoming Unpacked event on Billboards all around the world ahead of the event.

As the company is now added New York City’s Times Square, Milan’s Piazza del Duomo, Madrid’s Callao Square, Moscow’s Hydroproject Building and Singapore’s The Heeren in the list of these iconic landmarks where this teaser is being showcased.

And shows the South Korean alphabet written in Hangeul “미래를 펼치다”, translation – “The Future Unfolds” teasing the future for the new Galaxy lineup and the date of the Unpacked event which is February 20.

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