Samsung’s approach towards Eco-friendly packaging and timeline of complete adaptation [Infographic]

Earlier this week Samsung announced that it’ll switch from its traditional plastic packaging style to environment-friendly sustainable material packaging in order to reduce plastic consumption and waste around the globe.

Samsung will replace its traditional plastic packaging with sustainable Eco-friendly materials

The new packaging includes molded pulp (a fusion material that uses no wood fibers and incorporates waste by-products such as sugarcane residue) trays, recycled paper containers and bags made of recycled plastic and bio-based, fossil fuel-free materials like starch.

Moreover, in order to adapt full-cycle sustainability, Samsung has said to only use Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)-certified paper materials in its packaging and manuals by 2020.

Samsung already has a vast ecosystem of products including its mobile devices, wearables, TVs, refrigerators and other home appliance, as applying this new packaging in all of its products is surely a huge decision and a big step forward for the wellness of global environment.

Since Samsung has its unique way to put its new achievement on an Infographic, here is how Samsung come in aid of nature and the timeline to implement a complete eco-friendly packaging in its products.

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