Samsung’s Foldable Phone certified in China

The Galaxy S10 flagship will be unveiled next month and Samsung’s Foldable Phone is also waving for the same date but before that happens the Foldable device is now expanding its reach to China and received launch certificate in the region.

According to Nashville Chatter, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has certified a Samsung device with model number SM-F9000, which reportedly belongs to the Foldable Phone.

Samsung – It took 7 years to bring the Foldable display in life

A report from November 2018, indicated that the phone will launch in all major carrier in the US (SM-F900U) and also in Europe (SM-F900F). Although, due to limited production of the Foldable Phone, the company may only be released in selected countries.

The Foldable phone features a 4.58-inch display on the rear, that can be used when the phone is folded and while the phone is unfolded it becomes a 7.3-inch tablet size Infinity Flex Display.

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