Samsung showcased its ‘5G Mobile Hotspot’ at CES 2019

On December 1, 2018, South Korea’s major mobile carriers launched the world’s first commercial 5G mobile network in the country, using Samsung’s 5G network solution and a live video call was made between Samsung’s 5G smartphone prototypes over the 5G network.

During the 5G launch in S. Korea, a video conference was also demoed with a laptop connected to a ‘Samsung 5G Mobile Hotspot’ that delivers 5G connectivity via 3.5GHz spectrums and supports 4G LTE and WLAN.

At CES 2019, Samsung showcased its latest Semiconductor technologies, including its 5G Mobile Hotspot which is powered by Samsung’s 5G modem – Exynos Modem 5100 that supports both sub-6GHz and mmWave (Millimeter Wave) spectrum bands.

During the conference, Samsung placed the 5G Mobile hotspot on a showcase alongside the 5G modem TCU board, which will be used in automotive. But the most interesting thing is that the mobile hotspot was fully revealed from inside and can be seen what’s its internal structure looks like.

As a Mobile hotspot, The structure revealed that it’s packed with a battery which makes it portable, due to the factor of low-quality image its hard to identify other component fo the device. Though it gives a clear understanding of what the device’s internal structure.

A recent report reveales that Samsung has developed a 5G mobile hotspot for Verizon with codename ‘Bolt’ and received its Wi-Fi certification 2 days ahead of the 5G commercial launch in South Korea.

Also, the two version revealed in the certification includes model number of Verizon and another for South Korea.

If it’s true, the hotspot for Verizon will be packed with Qualcomm’s X50 Modem other than Exynos Modem 5100 but currently, there’s no confirmation on the hotspot for Verizon. Which may happen really soon.

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