A look back at Samsung’s 10 years of smartphone revolution

When it comes to smartphones, there’s one name that you can find anywhere in the world ‘Samsung‘. The company is also known for its vast number of products but the most remarkable for its unique Phone lineup.

As Samsung is preparing to celebrate the launch of its flagship smartphone series’ 10th-anniversary, the South Korean tech giant gave us a look back in its history vault and the years in smartphone innovation. So we just did some polishing on that history and presented it in this post.

Note: it’s a lengthy article because history is a tough subject, LOL.

Let’s start this tale:

Long before the launch of first Galaxy device, there’s a company started with something new that took place in Suwon, South Korea and introduced its first internet ready phone in 1999. with a built-in 10MP rear camera which brought an amazing camera quality on the mobile platform.

In the same year, the company expanded its creativeness further and launched the world’s first CDMA-based watch phone way before the latest Galaxy watch but if you’re gonna look at the watch now and compare it with the first one you’ll see how far Samsung has come up with to reach a masterpiece.

And before the innovation of Latest Infinity displays, Samsung launched its first ‘True Color Phone’ SGH-T100 as the first mobile phone to feature an active matrix LCD display and pushed the company towards developing AMOLED display solutions for future smartphones.

On the base of these previous experiences, and years of technology improvements, Samsung joined hands with Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google. Which led the company to its first Galaxy phone.

In March 2010, Samsung introduced its first Galaxy S series smartphone featuring 4-inch Super AMOLED display, GPU, 5MP camera providing Samsung a base to build its next smartphone. Later on, helped to carry the series with Galaxy S2, S3 and so on.

With its innovation in display technology, Samsung introduced a very unique type of screen as ‘Edge Display‘ with curves on the edges featured in S6 Edge/Edge+ with a remarkable design that no other smartphone company can think of, and remains remarkable till now.

By making implementations, the company reduced the size of the head and chin bezels of the screen with ‘Infinity Display‘ and installed in S8 and S8+, which was expanded to other proceeding smartphones.

Talking of screen here comes with Note devices with Jumbo screen and throughout the time, Samsung made the Note even bigger better and stylish. Moreover, there’s one thing that is a cherry on top is its innovative S-Pen which pays a great role in the success of Note-series and getting more innovative.

Apart from the past, Let’s talk about the present and the future. At Developer Conference 2018, Samsung introduced its new lineup of ‘Infinity Displays’ along with the world’s first Foldable display technology ‘Infinity Flex’ along with the new UI/UX ‘One UI, the company is also scheduled to launch its first foldable phone with this display in the upcoming month.

To rise on the top of the throne the company is emerging strongly in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) resulted as ‘Bixby‘ its AI assistant embedded in the soul of its Flagship smartphone and day by day the company is making it more intelligent. Currently, this AI assistant does lack against the top competitor but as we look towards the future this AI assistant will play an important in Samsung’s mobile ecosystem.

One of the industry’s next leading technology is 5th gen network, to be noted – Samsung has more 5G patents than any other company and was the first company to receive FCC approval for its 5G network equipment.

Also, Samsung was the first company which played a crucial role in the world’s first 5G commercial call in South Korea, and now in partnership with US carriers to provide network solution and to launch a 5G smartphone with Samsung, expected in March 2019.

Lastly, on February 20, 2019, with the launch of Galaxy S10 series, Samsung will add another important chapter to its innovative gadget history. So don’t forget to tune in your schedule but if you do, don’t worry we’ll keep you up to date with the event.

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