Samsung showcased Foldable phone at CES, launch planned for the first half of 2019

Samsung latest device in display technology, the foldable phone, was recently served to the company’s business clients in a private meeting during the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

At the event, a high-level executive from a client of Samsung reveals that the South Korean tech giant is currently finishing up optimization processes for its foldable phone’s hardware and software version and will soon be ready for the launch.

“When unfolded, Samsung’s foldable phone does not show any crease indicating it had been bent,” the executive told in a conversation with The Korea Herald, adding that the device’s screen felt very smooth.

“However, completely folding the device will lead to breakage. For this reason, Samsung is testing out the device so that the sides remain slightly lifted when folded. The prototype seen today leaves a crease mark when being folded, but this issue will be fixed in the finalized version.”

The official also confirmed that – when fully opened, the prototype looks thinner and when folded, the device allows a stable grip to hold it perfectly.

Other Samsung customer who had a look at the foldable phone prototype said that device is “specialized for multitasking” and would be “highly useful for people who own both a smartphone and tablet.”

The phone will be packed with Samsung’s Infinity Flex display and new battery and huge battery. So the price of this phone likely to be land at around $1340 or more.

Although, Samsung is planning to launch the foldable phone in the first half of this year but the company has decided to manufacture only around 1 million units, due to the debut factor of this new technology as well as to test the market response.

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