Samsung shifting its gears for “After-Sale” services in South Korean

Throughout the last year, Samsung’s Mobile division wasn’t able to post any significant record for the company and the shares of its marketplaces are also went down in the global market.

Amid the concern over slowing demand for the smartphone sales, Samsung has gone over the top rope and decided to strengthen its after-sale services in its home ground “South Korea” by offering more support for the consumer reported by Yonhap news.

The South Korean tech giant pulled this move after the lower than expected operating profit of $9.6 billion that came out from the guidance report of the fourth quarter of 2018.

“Starting Jan. 1, Samsung began to replace the display of its smartphones in case of screen burn-in within one year of purchase. The company said it will replace the screen as many times as needed within the set period. Which was previously allowed customers to replace their smartphone displays only once within a year of purchase for the same problem.

Screen burn-in or image burn-in is discoloration of areas on an electronic display caused by cumulative non-uniform use of the pixels.

Although, the customer satisfaction is the utmost responsibility of the manufacturer but will this step be enough for the company to boost its drowning shares? As for 2019, Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone seems to have the potential to bring something new for the company.

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