Exynos 9820 promo shows the intelligence of Galaxy S10 [Video]

Samsung’s new mobile application processor (AP), Exynos 9820, is heavily equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and a powerful custom CPU. And in a recently published promo, Samsung showcases key features and capability of this new chip.

By pushing the concept of AI Samsung installed a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) inside this new processor that can carry out multiple computing processes seven times faster than its predecessor.

With the custom design, Exynos 9820 not only features a new NPU but also features a faster CPU for better performance, Faster connectivity for internet, new GPU for a better Gaming experience, advanced image signal processor (ISP) for amazing photography, better security and new low power consumption architecture for long-lasting battery life.

Moreover, the Exynos 9820 supports the multi-format codec that enables recording in more details by supporting 8K video encoding and decoding at 30fps. This is the first time when any smartphone will come up with camera capability to shoot 8k images and videos.

Lastly, this new 8nm Low Power Processing (LLP) will be featured inside the Galaxy S10 flagship scheduled to be launch early in 2019. Check the promo video below.

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