Samsung dominates the OLED market with 93.3% share and flexible OLED market with 94.2% share

When it comes to OLED, Samsung is the one to talk about. The company holds the top spot, as well as most market share than any other display manufacturer and a recent research on OLED market, shows that Samsung is really a king of OLED market.

According to the data compiled by IHS Markit, reported by YonhapNews that OLEDs account for more than 60% of the global smartphone display panel market.

The researcher told in the third quarter of 2018, the smartphone display market generated sales of $10.7 billion, of which OLED accounted for 61.1%, with $6.66 billion in sales. This is the first time when OLED sales account for more than 60% of the smartphone display market.

Also, sales of the flexible OLEDs grew by 57.9% to $4 billion in one year, accounting for 42.7% of the total smartphone display market.

In this whole jump, Samsung’s display manufacturing division ‘Samsung Display’ maintained its overwhelmingly by accounting for 93.3 percent of the smartphone OLED panel market in the third quarter and also accounted for 94.2 percent of the market for flexible OLED panels.

In terms of revenue, Samsung is on top with a 58.4% market share, followed by China’s BOE with a 7.8% share and the company’s country rival LG display stands with 5.5% share.

“The rapid growth of the OLED market is attributed to the adoption of flexible OLEDs, which are good for the full-screen implementation on flagship products of major smartphone manufacturers,” said the company.

The dominance of Samsung in the OLED market can be easily seen because the company has delivered the OLEDs in the full-screen products such as Galaxy S9/Note 9 and Apple’s iPhone XS/XS Max and Chinese smartphones including Vivo NEX, Oppo Find X, and Huawei P20 Pro released this year.

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