Galaxy S10’s Snapdragon 855 version beats Exynos 9820 on Benchmark

Samsung is gearing to launch the upcoming Galaxy S10 with two different processor, one with Exynos 9820 and other with recently launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

Recently, both variants of Galaxy S10 appeared on the Antutu benchmarks, where Snapdragon 855 version received a total score 343,051 points, which is almost 18,000 points higher than the 325,067 points achieved by the Exynos 9820 variant.

Apart from the overall score, there is also separate scores evaluation for MEM (Memory Management), UX, CPU, and GPU. In terms of CPU scores, Snapdragon 855 performed top followed by Exynos 9820.

Samsung Exynos 9820 is made with 8nm LPP FinFET process and Snapdragon 855 moves on TSMC’s latest 7nm FinFET manufacturing, this may be the main factor in performance difference between both processors. Please check the image below for information.

We previously reported that the Galaxy S10 5G model will be available in several markets by March, with Samsung expected to unveil its new Galaxy S10 series phones in February.

It’s unclear whether Samsung will announce the handset at MWC 2019 next year, which is what other rumors said recently, or whether Samsung will host a press event of its own for the occasion.

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