Poll: How often do you use the S Pen

Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices are an amazing piece of work that comes with every possible feature along with their large screen size that every consumer adores. But its real power comes inside the Note itself. Yes, we’re talking about the almighty ‘S Pen‘, which has evolved with the Note device.

At IFA Berlin in 2011, Samsung introduced Galaxy Note, carrying a stylus inside the device that started its reign with the name ‘S Pen’. Creating a new sensation in big screen devices by easing the display navigation.

Samsung explains how the Remote Control S Pen came to life

Throughout recent years the S Pen got stronger and emerged with new features such as pen gestures, split-screen multitasking, Air Command (which allows previews of content to be displayed by hovering the pen above the screen) and its performance.

With the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung introduced New S Pen, equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) providing users power of remote control to perform tasks remotely on the Note devices.

The remote S Pen can do things such as – taking selfies and group pictures, present slides, pause and play video, launching apps and many more things.

Now, we want to know that how often do you use your S Pen?

Let’s get some numbers. Be sure to participate in our poll right below these words and feel free to expand on your choice in the comments.

How often do you use S-Pen

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