Samsung hosts Bixby Developer event, a new version of Bixby is under development

Samsung on Tuesday, hosted Bixby Developer Day event on its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Bixby, inviting developers to expand and discuss on its AI assistant’s ecosystem.

The event was held in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung’s Vice President of the wireless division, Chung Eui-suk kicked off the event with his keynote speech and talked about Bixby and its future in the industry.

“Bixby is a platform that can expand freely,” Executive Vice President and head of Software & Artificial Intelligence, Eui-suk Chung, who leads the project, said during Bixby Developer Day. “By 2020, all Samsung devices will support Bixby.”

“Bixby’s scalability will go beyond smartphones to the smart home, automobiles, medicine, and entertainment,” he added.

By moving further, Chung said the company also plans to have products from rival companies be able to access Bixby through through its Internet-of-Things platform.

Larry Heck, Head of Samsung’s AI research at Samsung Research America, said Samsung has advantages in the industry as it has a wide range of devices, which can be enhanced with AI services.

Moreover, The head of AI division Chung Eui-Suk said the company is working on a new version of Bixby that’ll bring more features and services, which will be installed on the upcoming foldable phone.

Chung also revealed that the name of Bixby’s new version is yet to be decided, whether it’ll be called as Bixby 3.0 or something else, reported by TheInvestor.

The event was attended by around 800 local developers, who are also involved in training on how to utilize Bixby’s software development kit including the new Bixby Developer Studio.

Samsung is already broadening its way towards AI and increasing its efforts day by day, also, the company is investing a huge sum of investment for AI development.

To take the scope even further Samsung recently established its seventh AI research and development center in Montreal, Canada and said it’ll continue to do so.

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