Samsung Display starts the full-scale production of 65-inch Video Wall

On Tuesday, Samsung’s display-making subsidiary “Samsung Display” announced it has started full-scale production of 65-inch Ultra-high-definition (UHD) video wall display starting from last month to meet the rising demand for high-quality screens.

Video wall is a Smart Signage that can be composed of several display panels, and each panel’s performance is crucial for delivering superior visual performance and reliability.

The company said this 65-inch UHD Video Wall panel comes with an ultra-narrow bezel of 3.7 mm and creates 8.3 million pixels, 4 times more pixels than standard FHD products.

Samsung Display said, “UHD resolution single signage products have already been commercialized in the display market, but this is the first video wall product that can be manufactured in a multi-vision form.”

The display maker also said, connecting four 65-inch UHD video walls will create a similar size with signage made with nine 46-inch panels.

The company also expects the demand for video walls will increase and will lead the high-resolution trend of the video wall market with the launch of its new UHD products.

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