How Galaxy Home fits as a perfect smart speaker and what makes it different

Samsung Galaxy Home is Bixby 2.0 powered Speaker that is tuned with the audio quality of AKG, recently Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Product and Innovation, Patrick Chomet sat down in a Q&A on the sidelines of SDC18 and talked about this product and its future.

While being asked about the Galaxy home and how it fits into the connected living, he answered:

Galaxy Home will improve ‘connected living’ experiences and relationships with the ecosystem of home devices. Now, Galaxy Home could be used to streamline difficult set-ups, settings and control devices and services.

And soon, Galaxy Home will be able to command hundreds of devices, from your washing machine to your car, from the comfort of your couch. If you’ve got a Galaxy phone, it can even help you make calls or find it when you misplace it.”

Samsung’s AI speaker ‘Galaxy Home’ specs listed on the official website, launching soon

The next question “What makes the Galaxy Home different, because there are already many smart speakers on the market?”

First of all, it’s incredibly easy to set up. Thanks to Bixby, users get a more integrated smart home experience right out of the box and hands-free control of home devices.

In addition, the sound quality is one of the standout features. Galaxy Home comes equipped with Harman’s Natural Sound Processing (NSP) that automatically turns stereo signals into 5.1 surround sound, so you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of a concert when listening to your favorite album. It’s also the first smart speaker to feature Soundsteer, so you can tell Galaxy Home to aim the sound in your direction while you’re busy cooking in the kitchen or preparing for your day in the morning.

And last but not least, Galaxy Home comes with a growing list of ecosystem partners. One great example is Spotify, the leading music platform. It’s partnering with Samsung to provide the best music content so users can enjoy all this through an intelligent, premium sound experience.

Samsung Galaxy Home will soon make debut in the market as its specs are already out on the official website.

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