Samsung’s vision of Connected Living shows an ecosystem with seamless connectivity

At the Developer Conference 2018, Samsung‘s Head of IT and Mobile Communications Division, DJ Koh, kicked off the event with the vision of Connected Living and its growing importance for the future.

Samsung’s connected living vision is centered around an open IoT ecosystem that brings the growing number of connected devices on a single platform.

“We have achieved significant advancements in AI and IoT, which will be crucial to bringing our connected living vision to life,” said, DJ Koh.

The progress made to Bixby and SmartThings played a crucial role in this Connected Living initiative and opened a new way to third party products and services that can be integrated to AI and IoT platform at scale.

“Mobile technology was designed to be taken everywhere, keeping us connected no matter where we go. Today, we have refrigerators with touchscreens, TVs, and cars with Wi-Fi or LTE capabilities and security systems with cameras,” he said.

“The challenge has been developing a network or ecosystem, that brings all these next-generation products together that creates a seamless connected experience,” he added.

At SDC 18 Samsung showed that it is really pushing forward the long-term vision of Connected Living and it’s working in the way to develop an IoT environment that could make peoples life easier.

To be mentioned, the company has recently established its 7th AI Research and Development center in Montreal Canada. With a goal to hire over 1000 AI experts and with a huge sum of investment, the company is ready to expand its efforts in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, at CES 2018 the company announced that by 2020 every Samsung devices will be AI enabled and connected to each other to create a better and seamless living space.

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