Take a peek at how Exynos processor works in the background to boost your Samsung device [Video]

The Exynos processor series is produced by Samsung and you can find it in almost any Samsung phone, but have you ever wondered what this small chip does in the backstage of your phone?

Well, Samsung today has given a peek at how Exynos chips work in the background when you trigger any process within the phone and provides you the exact information in no time.

Just like thousands of mini robots working in perfect synchronicity, the processor controls almost all mobile tasks, whether it’s operating the camera, images processing or transmitting data. The Exynos processor is ready to deliver all-around performances.

The Exynos SoC contains different units for different works such as CPU for computing power, GPU Graphics processing, mobile broadband for network process, AI to enhance system capability, an image processor for Camera quality advancements.

These all work together to provide you the information you need whenever you want, check the video below to see a computerized visualization of this whole process.

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