A South Korean watchmaker files injunction on Samsung for Brand Infringement over ‘Galaxy watch’

Samsung unveiled its new watch series as ‘Galaxy Watch‘ changing brand name from previously reigned ‘Gear series’ but it seems like a local Watchmaker is not happy with this name change and filed a court injunction on Samsung, in act of Brand Infringement.

According to YonhapNews, South Korean Watchmaker company Orient said that it registered the Galaxy brand for its products in 1984 and has been producing the product of this brand throughout the timeline.

The watchmaker said the use of the name “Galaxy” on smartwatches is a clear violation of fair trade and patent laws and will not be good for the company itself.

Meanwhile, the whole scenario doesn’t make any sense and there’s no such evidence of brand infringement from Samsung because the current Galaxy Watch is classified under electronics devices. On the other hand, Orient’s products are considered jewelry.

The source also revealed that Samsung is taking a closer look at this case and will announce its own stance to clear the matter.

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