Samsung expands Exynos and ISOCELL brands to provide automotive solutions

Samsung today announced two new automotive solution brands — Samsung Exynos Auto and Samsung ISOCELL Auto, that’ll help the company produce application processor and image sensor technology solutions for automotive industry.

The brands are updates of the Exynos, a mobile system-on-chip brand launched in 2011 and the ISOCELL products from 2017.

Samsung Exynos Auto and will now develop applications such as infotainment, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and telematics.

Samsung added that the Exynos Auto will come in three main categories, namely In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Telematics.

The IVI provides various information related to driving, including entertainment. The ADAS warns drivers of potential threats, and the telematics system connects to networks to locate cars.

The ISOCELL Auto products will also help vehicles identify objects with better accuracy while driving in different environments.

“With fast telecommunication, accurate sensing and powerful processing capabilities, Samsung’s Auto-branded solutions will enable new driving experiences to next-generation smart vehicles,” said Kenny Han, vice president of Samsung’s Device Solutions Division.

Samsung’s Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto products will be demonstrated at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany, from October 16 to 18 and will release new automobile chips to its clients at the end of this year.

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