Samsung held a large market share of premium TVs in US

Samsung is already leading in the TV brand all over the US, and now the company is also widening its lead in the premium TV segment in the country.

According to the report from U.S. firm NPD, Samsung held 34 percent of the U.S. TV market as of end-August, leaving far behind its rival LG Electronics (15 percent) as well as Vizio and Sony (11 percent each).

The South Korean tech giant also received a good outcome from the premium TV segment with priced at over $2500 and claiming 44 percent of the US market share. Other in the list are – Sony with 33% and LG with 23% market shares.

The corresponding figure for Samsung in the same period of last year was 27 percent and now expected to rise to the mid-50 range in September 2018.

The firm also said, For 75-inch or larger TVs segment, Samsung has taken over 57 percent of the market, more than double of the second-place Sony with 25 percent by end-August. The company had 43 percent in the same period last year.

This month, Samsung will release its ultra-premium QLED 8K TV in the United States and Europe, which the company has believed to expand its market share even further.

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