Galaxy Note 9

The ultimate How-To guide for S Pen’s remote control features and settings

The new S Pen is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so you can use it as a remote control to perform tasks remotely on the Galaxy Note 9. It’s perfect for quick selfies, presentations, and more.

In addition to its remote control feature, you can quickly launch apps, such as the camera or gallery app, by pressing and holding the S Pen button. While using apps, you can use certain features by pressing the S Pen button once or switch between the front and rear cameras by pressing the button twice.

By combining all of these features we made a complete how-to guide on the new Bluetooth enabled S Pen.

Quick Check with S Pen Remote Settings:

  1. Tap on Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote.
  2. Toggle it On (in case it is Off).

How to take Photos remotely with S Pen?

  1. Press and Hold: Launch camera
  2. Single press: Take a picture
  3. Double press: Change between front & rear cameras


How to customize Remote Control Apps and Actions?

When you set up your S Pen as a remote control, you can customize its functions. For example, if you want to launch your favorite app in an instant, you can opt to press and hold the S Pen button. You can also decide which app functions to control with a single or double press.

Change the app, features, or actions you want to use with the S Pen feature.

A. To change the app to launch:

1. Tap on Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote.

2. Tap HOLD DOWN PEN BUTTON TO and then select an app or feature.

B. Change App Actions:

Tap Single press or Double press on each app card under APP ACTIONS, and then select an action.

– Gallery
Single Press: Next Item
Double Press: Previous Item

– Media Player
Single Press: Play/Pause
Double Press: Next Track or Video

– Shutter:
Single Press: Capture
Double Pause Switch between Cameras

– Voice Recorder
Single Press: Play/Pause
Double Press: Do nothing

– Presentation
Single Press: Next Slide
Double Press: Previous Slide

How to unlock your phone remotely?

Note: A screen lock must be applied in order to use this feature and will only work if you are using the S Pen (connected) and the device then locks.

  1. To enable this feature, tap on Settings > Advanced features > S Pen.
  2. Tap on Unlock with S Pen remote > select Unlock with S Pen remote > You will then be asked to confirm your Screen Lock, then tap on OK.

How to change screen off memo pen color?

Note: Pen color matches the color of the S Pen (Excluding Black) and you can change the signature color via following instructions:

  1. Tap on Settings > Advanced features > S Pen.
  2. Screen off memo > Toggle the switch on ‘Use S Pen signature colour‘.

How to charge the S Pen?

Simply insert your S Pen for 40 seconds to charge it to full. A full charge will last about 30 minutes of standby time of 200 clicks of the S Pen button.

How to connect another S Pen

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