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What is Dual capture feature and how to use it on the Galaxy Note 9

With Galaxy Note 9’s Dual capture feature, you can capture both a photo with the focus on the subject(Live Focus) and a wide angle background (Normal image) in a single shot. If the Dual capture feature is ON while the user takes Live Focus photos (with the telephoto camera), the main camera also takes photos simultaneously. Therefore, this feature enables:

1. (Telephoto camera) User can get object-oriented out-of-focus photos (portrait)
2. (Main camera) User can get photos containing backgrounds as well. (portrait + background)

How to Use Dual Capture
  1. Go to App drawer menu and tap on Camera
  2. On the preview screen, tap Live Focus icon to use the Live focus feature.
  3. Make sure the Dual Capture feature is activated, to capture both Live focus and normal picture.
  4. Tap Camera icon to take a photo.
  5. To view dual captured photos, Tap Camera icon to take a photo.
  6. Tap the WIDE ANGLE at top of the screen to view the photo with a wide angle background.
  7. A wide angle background version of the photo will appear. To return to the photo with the focus on the subject, tap the CLOSE UP.
  8. To save the photo as another file, tap more icon and tap Save as new file.

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