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How to record Super Slow-Mo videos on the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung introduced Super Slow-Mo as one of the key features of the Galaxy S9 Flagship and enhanced it in the new Galaxy Note 9, which captures all of the moments that you do not want to miss and play them in slow motion.

The super slow motion feature allows you to record special occasions and fast-moving scenes and enjoy them in a fun, new way. When you play the video, the segments recorded in super slow motion will play in slow motion.

The Super Slow-Mo can be recorded in Multi-Shot and Single-Shot options.

Multi-shot: Record a video and capture multiple moments in super slow motion.
Single-shot: Record a short video by capturing a single moment in super low motion.

Please follow the steps listed below to record a Super Slow-Mo Video:

  • From the Apps list, Tap Camera.
  • On the preview, Tap SUPER SLOW-MO.
  • Make sure the mode is set to Multi-take or Single-take.
  • Tap Setting icon > Tap Super slow-mo > Tap Multi-take or Single-take.

  • Tap icon to Start/Stop recording the video.

Note: When motion is detected in the motion detection area, the device will capture the moment in super slow motion. Super slow motion support up to 20 times in a single video. If the device shakes, a motion may be detected and an unwanted moment may be recorded in super slow motion.

Moreover, Samsung recently rolled out an update for the Note 9 that an added option to choose from 0.2s and 0.4s Super Slow-mo recording which could be played as approximately 6 sec or 12 sec long.

To use it, just tap on the option available in the top of the record button.

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