Samsung updates Samsung Health app with new wellness features, a new UI and useful integrations

Samsung Health app provides features to keep track of your health by recording and analyzing your daily activities and habits to help maintain a successful diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Now, the app has received a new update with enhanced personalization, accessibility, and wearable integration.

Samsung has updated the Samsung Health app with version 6.0, including updated health and fitness tools, a new UI, and increased personalization to empower users to take more control over their health and wellness.

This new update brings a new look to the app, the home screen is now simpler, categorized and prioritized according to the user’s personal needs and habits, so it can provide instant access to the preferred feature.

In terms of new features, the app’s improved ‘Together’ tab now allows users to share photos and celebrate fitness milestones and achievements with friends all within the app. Users can also connect with Samsung’s global community to exchange texts and photos, compare achievements and compete together by participating in the monthly ‘Global Challange’.

The updated ‘Discover’ tab now provides a more enhanced experience, allowing users to easily find health-related content – including articles, programs and partner apps based on their interests and level of fitness. Additionally, users can now purchase wearables, accessories, and health-related goods and services all within the platform.

Samsung Health interface on Samsung wearables and smartwatches features more at-a-glance information, a workout countdown, GPS and heart rate tracking information, all available with the tap of a button.

While connected with smartwatch users can now choose from 39 different exercises and track their workout progress and switching between exercises. Features included ‘Sleep Stage Detection,’ to track sleep cycles and improve sleep habits, real-time stress management through heart rate and variability monitoring as well as recommended breathing exercises.

In addition to health care services, the app includes Samsung Health includes ‘Symptom Checker’ and ‘Ask an Expert which allow users to access medical information, look up symptoms, manage prescriptions and even chat live with certified doctors, all within a single application supported by well-known health brands.

To add support for collaborators, Samsung Health now supports a complete set of SDKs for app and web service integration. The latest Samsung Health app can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Samsung Galaxy Apps.

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