Samsung to release a 75-inch version of The Wall MicroLED by next year

Samsung’s micro-LED ‘The Wall‘ will get a 75-inch version microLED for home entertainment alongside 4K resolution. With this size, it can be easily used in ordinary houses.

According to ETNews, at IFA 2018 Samsung held a private demonstration of a 75-inch microLED for home use, in comparison of its 146-inch version this regular version could be easy to bring in and move like a regular size TV.

To produce micro-LEDs of 100 inches or less, chips must be made smaller. The 146-inch ‘The Wall’, which Samsung Electronics implemented as a micro-LED, was evaluated to be closer to a mini LED with a larger chip size than a micro LED. However, to achieve a 75-inch 4K resolution, the chip size and pixel spacing must be micro LED level.

Top industry watchers predict that Samsung will release 75-inch micro LED products at CES next year. In general, Samsung Electronics has released a new product at CES that is ready for mass production within one year.

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