Samsung’s ‘Group Control’ technology shows the era of futuristic living, powered by IoT, AI, and SmartThings [Video]

Have you ever dreamed of a house, where every home appliances are connected to each other and work automatically by absorbing your day to day routines and habits? Well, Samsung can make this dream come true because recently the company showcased something similar to simplify users’ daily lives.

At IFA 2018, Samsung demonstrated exciting new ways to bring a level of convenience with its latest smart innovations. Samsung also presented an ‘Intelligent Home’, which is an ecosystem that is connected with the more advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and household electric appliances.

This futurist House is powered by ‘Group Control’ by Automation technology, which controls and connected to a complete set of home appliances including Spanning TVs, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, lighting and more. The Group Control allows users to comfortably manage a wide array of IoT devices at once.

Check out the video below for a glimpse at how Samsung’s innovative approach towards the next era of connected living.

With Samsung’s Group Control, appliances essentially function on their own and automatically getting to work as soon as a user enters or leaves their home.

The Technology is available in over 370 SmartThings-compatible devices which checks in/out when users enter or exit their home via GPS signals from their mobile devices and utilize advanced AI to analyze and learn usage patterns for connected appliances.

This System could be configured to automatically turn on TVs, AC, Robot vacuum cleaner, lights or appliances according to user’s preferences. This means that users no longer need to manually turn on each appliance they wish to use whenever they come home. As soon as a user walks through the door, the system will activate and optimize the devices you use so you won’t have to.

The settings of the connected environment automatically change according to its user’s preference. In addition, if there are two users in the house and one goes outside, the connected appliances’ settings will adjust based on the preferences of the user who stayed in.

The system also removes the need to worry about accidentally leaving a device running when a user leaves home, as the appliances’ GPS tracking function allow them to automatically shut off or switch to standby mode as soon as you walk outside the door.

The whole system is based on AI and IoT technologies, For example, if you don’t know what to watch on TV it could show you suggestion based on interested genres. You could ask the home to display content inside your connected fridge, you can even issue voice commands to find an item inside the refrigerator, browse recipes, check oven’s cooking progress, more. Check out the video below to see how this all works.

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