Samsung’s 2018 premium UHD and QLED TVs certified as HDR10+ compatible

Samsung on Thursday announced that its 2018 Premium UHD and QLED TVs received the official HDR10+ logo certification which makes these televisions HDR (High Dynamic Range) 10+ resolution compatible.

HDR10+ is a technology that allows television screens to deliver vivid displays by optimizing the brightness depending on color. The HRD10+ technology is the latest standard proposed by Samsung.

Samsung is also working on with industry-leading Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation to start creating HDR10+-compatible contents, which will be available for home distribution later this year.

“By making use of our leading technology and expertise, we will continue to extend our valuable partnerships while maintaining our commitment to providing consumers with best HDR content possible,” said Doochan Eum, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Europe’s a popular VoD provider, Rakuten TV, is also joining hands with Samsung Electronics to provide HDR10+ premium entertainment to European consumers.

Earlier this year Samsung started an HDR10+ promotion campaign in order to expand the technology with more partners.

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