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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips & Tricks, How To guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks

Samsung recently unveiled a new member of its Galaxy Note series as ‘Galaxy Note 9’. The new Note device comes with a new S Pen, improved battery life and a pocket full of storage option. Today we will show you, Galaxy Note 9’s Tips & Tricks alongside its how-to guide.

Let’s start this guide to know more about Galaxy Note 9.

Set Landscape Mode:

As the name suggests, you can also use Landscape mode in Note 9 but first, you have to activate this feature from settings. To activate it Go to Settings -> Display -> Home Screen -> Toggle the switch on ‘Portrait Mode Only’.

Apps Pair:

Apps Pair is a very useful feature that shows the perfect use of Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch Infinity display, It lets you open two apps in split screen view in a sec. You can even pick your favorite combination of apps to open in split screen view and staple them together for easy access in Apps Edge.

How to: From Any Screen -> Open Apps Edge by swiping left -> click on ‘+’ button -> Tap on ‘Create App Pair’ -> Select two apps from the list -> Tap ‘Done’. To use the newly created app pair just simply swipe the Edge Apps and launch the pair.

Fun with AR Emoji:

The Galaxy Note 9 has a new feature including in its front-facing camera inherited from the S9 flagship as ‘AR Emoji’. But in addition to this feature Note 9’s Live messages, it allows you to express more emotion into messages, making animated GIFs and customizing photos with S Pen effects and handwritten notes.

How to: Pop out the S Pen from the bottom of the Note 9 -> Click on ‘Live Message’ -> Write the live message and share it.

In addition to this feature, AR Emoji also includes Disney and Pixar characters that can be used as animated Emoji’s and share them with your friends and family.

Translate on the go:

Its one of the most useful tool that comes inside the Note 9 and packed with a big library of almost any language in the world. By just simply hovering over the words or highlighting it to translate articles, documents, and currency conversions.

How to do it: Pop out the S Pen from the bottom of the Note 9 -> Select Translate from the S Pen Air Commands -> Select Input and Output languages. Hover the S Pen over the text you wish to translate or the currency or unit you wish to convert.

Bixby 2.0:

Bixby a personalized, intelligent assistant of the Galaxy Note 9 allows you to talk and perform several tasks through voice command. With a new update, Bixby Vision has now become even more powerful and smarter.

Bixby 2.0: More smart, more powerful and more useful

Get Quality shots with Note 9’s Dual Camera:

The Galaxy Note 9 features dual Rear camera setup of Wide angle 12MP AF, F1.5/F2.4 + 12MP AF F2.4 Telephoto OIS alongside 8MP f1.7 selfie Cam. This camera setups capture amazing low light and outdoor images, and also powered by new AI features such as Flaw Detection and Scene Optimizer.

    • Live Focus: The Note 9 provides a good quality Live focus images, to use it just simply launch the Camera App -> Select Live Focus -> You can adjust the background blur opacity by the setting that appears after the Live focus selection.
    • Scene Optimizer: Galaxy Note9’s camera uses intelligence to identify elements of a photo, such as a scene and subject, to automatically classify it into one of 20 categories and instantly optimize it based on the category. The result is a stunning, lifelike image with bold colors and dynamic definition. To activate/deactivate this feature, launch the Camera App -> Camera Settings -> Toggle the switch of Scene Optimizer.
    • Flaw Detection: The first shot doesn’t always come out right, but the Galaxy Note9 lets users know if there’s something wrong, so they can take another picture without losing the moment. An immediate notification will appear in the image if it is blurry, the subject blinked, there is a smudge on the lens, or there’s backlight impacting the quality of the image.Check the option in Camera App -> Camera Settings -> Flaw Detection -> Toggle the switch to turn On/Off.

Super Slow-Mo:

This is one of best camera feature introduced in Note 9 and allows you to capture dynamic, slow-motion video at 960 frames per second. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ also offer automatic Motion Detection, a feature that auto detects movement in the frame and starts recording automatically as it happens.

To use it simply launch the Camera App -> Select the ‘Super Slow-Mo’ mode -> Hit Record.

Apps Full-Screen Mode:

The Galaxy Note9 can use full-screen apps or other screen features to adapt to your everyday activities, whether you’re playing a game at home or reading at the pool.

How to use it: Go to Settings -> Display -> Full-Screen Apps -> Select the app by pressing the toggle switch from the given app list or just set it to all apps.

Screen Resolution:

The Galaxy Note 9 comes default on FHD+ (2220×1080) resolution and support up to WQHD+ (2960X1440) resolution.

How to change it: go to Settings -> Display -> Screen Resolution -> Slide to WQHD+ -> Hit ‘Apply’. More resolution means more graphics process and more process means more battery use, so use it if only needed otherwise stick with the default FHD+ resolution.

Screen’s Color Optimization:

You can choose a Screen Mode and can also optimize the color range, saturation, and sharpness of display by simply navigate to Settings -> Display -> Screen Mode -> Select a ‘Screen Mode’ that suits your eyes or choose ‘Advanced Options’  to customize color balance options.

Set Some Security: Fingerprint and Biometrics

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with fingerprint scanner alongside Intelligence scanning a combination of both Facial and Iris scanning features, allowing you to grab more control on your device security.

To activate it Go to Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Here you can choose a lock screen type you want.

Secure Folder:

This function allows users to create a secret or simply called a secure folder. Owner of this folder can save any personal document, image, apps or any other files that could be only unlocked through a selected method.

How to use it: Go to Settings -> Biometrics and Security -> Secure Folder -> Add your Samsung Account -> Select an unlock method -> add your data to make it private. Next time when users need to open the secure folder it’ll appear in the app menu with other apps.


This feature allows you to bounce back and forth between apps seamlessly. You can switch between apps, adjust the size of apps windows and copy information from one app to the other.

Tap on the Recent Apps button -> Click on the Two rectangular icon button to select the top app -> Select and open a second app on the bottom.

Make the Off Screen More informative:

  • Always On Display: Always on display will help make sure you’re always on time. You’ll have at-a-glance access to the time, calendar, notifications and more, all without unlocking your phone. Go to Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Toggle the on/off switch next to Always On Display -> Here you can select what content to show and set a schedule. Toggle the Show Always switch to set specific time frames.
  • Customize Clock and FaceWidgets: You can view a different kind of clock styles under Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Clock and FaceWidgets -> Select to view AOD and lock screen Clock Styles, change FaceWidgets or set Contact Information to show on the lock screen and Always On Display
  • Customize Notifications: Control what Notifications show on the lock/AOD screens under Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Notifications -> This will provide you full control over what notification to show on the AOD and lock Screens, from here you can hide content, its transparency, and text color on the lock screen.


There are different ways to capture screenshot on the Galaxy Note 9, one of them is via Phone Keys and the other is ‘Palm Swipe’. Check both tricks below.

    • Phone Keys: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously -> A camera shutter sound will confirm the success.
    • Palm Swipe: You can take a screenshot by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen.This feature is located under Settings -> Advanced Features -> Touch on ‘Palm swipe to capture’ -> Toggle the ‘On/Off’ switch to activate/deactivate the feature.

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