Galaxy S9/S9+ users are now able to customize every aspect of AR emoji

Samsung has added a new option for AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9/S9+ in the latest software update. As spotted by our team member, the AR Emoji feature gets better.

With the latest software update, users can meet more sophisticated, more natural AR emoji. Let’s take a look at how it changed with the 3D avatar that resembles the user and the AR emotion that helps more fun communication.

One of the most noticeable changes in this update is that users are now able to customize every aspect of AR emoji. In order to better utilize the features desired by the user, a detailed adjustment tool for each face part is provided.

By using the newly added ‘My Emoji Editor’, it is possible to fine-tune the major parts of the face such as eyes, nose, mouth, ear, cheek, etc. From the color of the eyes, the thickness of the lips, and the chubby degree of cheek, you can choose what you want.

Using the My Image Editor (red circle), it is possible to modify major parts of the face.

It also supports the skin color more, and it is possible to adjust the face type using the chin line. It is possible to make a lot of children’s AR aunt’s face round than an adult.

Supports various skin colors (left), rounded face type children’s emotion (right)

Accuracy has also improved. To create AR emo, which is more similar to the user, we have increased the analysis point of the face by about 65% compared to the previous one, especially adding more than twice the analysis points to the mouth and eyes.

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The number of frames per second in the preview increases, so you can see that the AR emotion more naturally follows the user’s facial expressions of laughing or frowning.

You can check for the update by going into Settings>System update.

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