Samsung Electronics begins the mass production of 5th-generation V-NAND chips

Today, Samsung Electronics said it has started the mass production of the industry’s first fifth-generation V-NAND flash memory chips, which delivers improved data transfer speed compared to its other previous products.

Samsung said it has applied the next-gen NAND interface, dubbed “Toggle DDR 4.0,” for the first time on the 256-Gigabit fifth-gen V-NAND flash memory, this provides an increased 1.4 gigabits per second (Gbps) data transfer rates. 40-percent increased compared to the fourth-gen product.

According to Samsung, the fifth-generation product commercialized 3D charge-trap-flash (CTF) structure of more than 90 layers, compared with the 64-layer predecessor.

Samsung also said that the new product is a major improvement as delivers better performance while using the same amount of power consumption as its predecessor.

“Samsung’s fifth-gen V-NAND products and solutions will deliver the most advanced NAND in the rapidly growing premium memory market,” said Kye Hyun Kyung, executive vice president of Flash Product and Technology at Samsung Electronics.

“In addition to the leading-edge advances we are announcing today, we are preparing to introduce 1-terabit (Tb) and quad-level cell (QLC) offerings to our V-NAND lineup that will continue to drive momentum for next-gen NAND memory solutions throughout the global market,” he added.

Samsung Electronics plans to increase production of the fifth-gen V-NAND flash chips for its growing market demands in market sectors such as supercomputing, enterprise servers and the latest mobile applications such as smartphones.

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