Samsung SDS launched the first Wi-Fi integrated IoT smart door

Samsung SDS‘ Smart home arm on Wednesday said it has released a new door lock equipped with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology for both the domestic and overseas markets, which can be activated remotely via smartphones.

The IT arm of South Korean Tech Giant said the IoT smart door lock, named the SHP-DR900 that comes with a power-efficient Wi-Fi chip can show the status of door lock to the user on a real-time basis.

According to Samsung SDS, the users will receive notifications when the door is activated, and they can also open doors remotely when their family or relatives come for a visit.

The sensor installed on the product also instantly unlocks the door when users slightly touch the knob when leaving the house.

Samsung SDS  said these smart doors are fully secured with the Samsung SDS-White Box Cryptography and Samsung SDS-Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer technologies, to eliminate any kind of hacking attempt.

The Fingerprint sensor that is installed in SHP=DR900 provides more accurate screening and secure interactions. Samsung SDS is planning to dive deeper into the global market for premium door locks with the latest product innovation.

Check the full video demonstration


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