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Samsung Bixby Speaker could be launched with Bixby 2.0, a camera and a display

In the sidelines of MWC 2018,  DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, said that a voice-activated speaker with Bixby AI is on its way in second half of this year, this means the time for launch is near.

In the process of releasing this new Bixby powered smart speaker, a new patent has appeared and given insight how AI-based speaker might look like and how it will work in reality.

The patented smart speaker is a very advanced device with no less than 7 microphones, a display, and a camera. The housing consists of two parts, the upper part of which can rotate 360 degrees.

These 7 microphones will be placed on the upper part of the housing and each microphone can receive sound information separately, allowing Speaker to detect and turn its rotatable head towards the recognized voice.

The Bixby speaker features a camera that could be used to store an image of any registered user and when the user comes in the rage of the camera it acts according to users movement and turns its head in the direction using machine learning.

This Speaker also features a screen to display text and photos. The screen is placed on the upper part of the housing just like the camera and the microphones(On the rotating part).

This patent was filed at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) on 21 November 2017 as an electronic device for controlling microphone parameter. After a year the patent appeared on WIPO public database on 31 May 2018, meantime it was already granted in homeland Korea.

As it was reported previously, The new Samsung Bixby speaker could be launched alongside next Note flagship Galaxy Note 9 in August, which is not a long road from now.


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