Samsung Pay added new “Cash Back” awards feature

Samsung already has a reward programme in its app as Samsung Rewards points to earn points and redeem as users want. And now, Samsung Pay is about to get even more rewarding, by introducing the new “Cash Back” awards feature.

By this new feature, users can take advantage of new Cash Back deals directly with the Samsung Pay app. When a user makes a purchase using Samsung Pay at a participating merchant, the user will receive a percentage of money back into his/her account instantly, that could be used anywhere just like a redeem option.

Here’s how it works: In the new Cash Back section of the Samsung Pay app’s home screen, users will find a range of exclusive offers from leading retailers. When they click on the offer they want and complete a purchase through the participating merchant, the user will receive a percentage back on their purchase which they can then spend toward a purchase anywhere they use Samsung Pay. The app is now a cash register, a marketplace, and a piggybank.

Recently Samsung and Paypal joined hands to bring PayPal as a payment method into Samsung Pay app to boost its interactivity and ease of payment system. With this new feature, Samsung can attract more users to its mobile payment platform.


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